Text 19 Sep Wouldn’t you miss me

Oh where are you now?
Pussy willow that smiled on this leaf
when I was alone you promised a stone from your heart
my head kissed the ground
I was half the way down, treading the sand, 
Please, please lift a hand
I’m only a person whose arm bands beats 
And his hands hang tall
Won’t you miss me?
Wouldn’t you miss me at all?
The poppy birds wave
Swing twigs coffee brands around
Brandish a wand with a feathery tongue
My head kissed the ground
I was half the way down, treading the sand, 
Please, please, please lift a hand
I’m only a person
With eskimo chain
I tattooed my brain all away
Won’t you miss me?
Wouldn’t you miss me at all?

— Syd Barrett

Text 19 Sep I Love You Crazy

Confinement of my skull

I smash against the door

Cause walls are made of stone

And I am not that hard

The messenger said

You can do it the easy way

Or the other one

A man from the non ending story

Looks big from afar

Very imaginative, put out your hand

I love you crazy

Too much, too much…

Text 18 Sep Little Ramble

It is odd. Man has worked so long until magically we have water flowing from taps in our houses. This happens and we say: oh I don’t drink from the tap. I want fresh spring water. And this we haul from the store. Likeness of the well. You look like someone who reads about music more then he listens to music. This was offensive. But I thought about how Chomsky said Americans knew more about sports then world affairs and made a new years resolution to watch less sports and read more books. Even though it’s not new-years. Maybe it’s time to write songs that as few people as possible would understand. Like just Yuda. And could use names like Niki Minaj and bars that we get dragged to. A girl last night said everyone’s talking in code and no one is saying how they really feel. It was shocking for me to hear because I thought, that’s what I must sound like. You find the right book to read it makes you think smart, clear and positive. Shy Agnon.

Text 28 Aug Jonah

Jonah still wakes up horrified. No matter how quiet his alarm clock is, he wakes up in complete terror. It’s almost comic, and during the short whiles that Jonah was in relationships, it was a source of embarrassment and conflict. The morning terrors started a year or two after Jonah was released from his service in the army. He would wake up feeling like he had lost his gun. Misplaced it or that one of his commanders stole it from him in the night like they used to do to him in training and he himself did later to his trainees. He seldom dreamed about the fighting. He dreamed about training, sitting down with certain memorable faces, names forgotten somehow, cleaning and oiling the weapons. Showering, waiting in line outside of the dinning hall before lunch, in the heat of the desert. His dreams subsided over time and he didn’t feel the lack of his rifle under his mattress. But he still wakes up, everyday, feeling like something had been stolen from him in the night. As if there was something he had forgotten to do, something massive. Only it was years ago and gone beyond fixing and even past recollecting. A strange horror overtakes him at the understanding that he has to accept another new day. Yet another one. The feeling passes within a few minutes. He always drinks his coffee the same way: Turkish, cowboy style, black.

Photo 28 Aug Egyptian feminist Aliaa Magda Elahdy and an unidentified collaborator bleeding and shitting on ISIS flag.

Egyptian feminist Aliaa Magda Elahdy and an unidentified collaborator bleeding and shitting on ISIS flag.

Video 18 Aug




Text 16 Aug

And I look pretty good 

For someone who hasn’t brushed his teeth in one week
A juggler with no balls is a dangerous thing
Like the best swimmer in the world who never learned to swim
Shit you think about once in the shower
Then never occurs to you again


That dream with the stabbing, in the middle of the threesome
In a strange hotel, they were daemons, you had to
In the stomach, with scissors
Then you didn’t tell no one, and you could keep your secret
But when you woke up you told everybody
You delusional pervert
Text 16 Aug To Those Who Won’t

You look ridicules because you’re pretending not to be human

Let me tell you earth is much cooler then glossy suggestions
And if it’s not that then it’s just better or something
Look I’m bleeding on the carpet
Look I’m crying and I don’t want anyone to see
Fuck you with your dorsal fins you make fun on strangers
Live fast die young what kind of stupid mess is that
Look here my good friend praying to the wrong religion
You’ve never seen such devotion we’re waiting for the second half
I don’t lie.
Photo 15 Aug
Quote 11 Aug
I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.
— Tom waits
Text 8 Aug A Good Army Buddy

If we only talk about drugs and sex

It is poignant false confidence

Like a paraplegic that has lost his memory

There are no more episodes

Lets jump off the balcony

Photo 5 Aug
Text 3 Aug

Tuna, eggs, instant coffee, bread, cheese, onion, ready made pasta sauce.

Photo 14 Jul
Quote 7 Jul
I will make spells that save me from looking like him, Harry makes this mental note, I assure you. The mental notes are stacking.
— Wizard People, Dear Reader

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